Vehicle Emissions Laboratory

Trialon’s Vehicle Emissions state of the art testing facility is located in the heart of the Detroit Metro area. Our facility is equipped with the essential emissions equipment to simulate real driving conditions to meet the needs of national regulations. The test facility is staffed with talented technicians and engineers with over 50 year of combined experience.

As your partner, Trialon provides comprehensive 24/7 support to meet the demanding timing needs of a test program. Program management and support is a critical component of Trialon’s services, and we never shy away from tight schedules or strict timetables.

  • Burke Porter 150 HP Single roll 48” chassis dyne
  • Burke Porter Dynamometer Controls
  • Three Stream Sample Conditioner
  • Driver’s Aid
  • Dilution Air System
  • Constant Volume Sampling System
  • Horiba Emissions Benches
  • Bag Bench, Engine out, Intermediate, Tailpipe
  • Evaporative Canister Loading Capability
Development Activities
  • Vehicle Emissions Testing
  • EPA III (FTP 23), Hot 18, USO6 Euro and Japanese Cycle
  • Highway Fuel Economy Test (HWFET)
  • Drivability Aid
  • Road Load Determination