Testing the Limits of Innovation Since 1982

Identifying the absence of consistent, reliable and effective laboratory testing services available to many manufacturers, Trialon Corporation first offered testing services in 1982. We quickly began testing parts and components across a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical products, military, telecommunications, agricultural and general industrial, becoming the preferred test-engineering provider for leading OEMs and industrial suppliers.

Fast forward to today and you will discover that Trialon is much more than a basic testing laboratory. Trialon is your partner in providing a one-stop resource for testing and validation services for many OEMs and suppliers. We continue to lead the industry by providing not only traditional testing and validation services — including Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, EMC, and Vibration — but also advanced vehicle testing that helps our customers keep up with the demanding development requirements of their increasingly more high-tech products.

While it is true that many talented and experienced engineers and technicians can be found working inside our Midwest-based testing facilities, we recognize that manufacturers often need to source highly qualified personnel for their in-house testing laboratories as well. Today Trialon’s full-service approach to technical staffing provides innovative talent acquisition and management solutions for niche technical markets. Provide us with a job description and our team will deliver the best selection of candidates.

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