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Trialon offers a wide range of (Weatherometer / UV / Colorfastness) Xenon-Arc Testing capabilities. We are a one-stop resource for testing plastics, textiles, coatings and paints to a wide variety of industry standards, including, but not limited to:

In addition we also provide color measurements
(L a* b*), haze measurements, gloss measurements, tint measurements, whiteness measurements, yellowness measurements, transmittance measurements, reflectance measurements, ISO105 Gray Scale, and AATCC Gray Scale

A2LA Accredited Laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025

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Corporate Headquarters
1477 Walli Strasse Dr.
Burton, MI 48509

Toll Free: (800) 847-8111
Phone: (810) 742-8512
Fax: (810) 742-8512

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Trialon Corporation

1477 Walli Strasse Dr. Burton, MI 48509

Phone: (800) 847-8111

Fax: (810) 742-8512

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